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Offer your customers an original brand with innovative products in the natural beauty category. We mean business when it comes to our core values of integrity for the highest standards in clean beauty today and we welcome you as a wholesale partner as a boutique, store or spa.

Looking for a ‘Luxury Green” beauty brand?

Atar Gold’s mission is to partner with retailers that offer natural beauty products to the ever growing green conscience consumer

Here’s what we offer:

  • Original brand story inspired by Egypt attars & gold
  • Vegan formulas “luxury green” positioning
  • Competitive pricing with up-scale formulas
  • We win at trial every time – consumers love us
  • Gluten, phthalate, alcohol, sulfate & cruelty free
  • Sustainable GWP promotional burlap bags
  • Industry experts as owners, support with training and promoting

Welcome Wholesale Partners

Sign up with us today by filling out the form below to create your personal online account. Once we review your submission, we will follow up with you with an account activation email to create your personal password.

Approved accounts will receive free shipping on all US orders with a minimum purchase of $300. Enjoy the convenience, value and service of buying ATAR GOLD WHOLESALE DIRECT.

Distributors seeking an opportunity please contact us at or call 888.515.2728(ATAR)

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