Our Mission is to create with nature and apply sustainable practices for people and the planet

Our mantra is

"Reuse, Reduce and Refill"

As an Indie Beauty Brand we take pride in thinking of clean ways to leave a green foot print at every turn of our business

. Whether it’s with our formulations, packaging or manufacturing, we are eco-conscious about how we continue to grow our brand, working with like-minded businesses that features natural beauty products to delight the ever growing green consumer

Plant Power Formulas

Why Plant Based Beauty and Cruelty Free?

For us, it’s a no brainer! Vegan beauty products are never tested on animals. They offer a natural source that’s clean and more powerful for the health of people and the planet. Animal agriculture threatens the environment and society in key ways. Here’s how plant-based food and products stack up better for people and the planet:


More land on earth is to support animal based businesses threatening an ecological crisis. Plant base foods that directly replace animal products have grown 27 percent in 2021 to $7 billion. 
Plant Power Is Working!

Climate Change

Animal agriculture is responsible for a vast majority of food sector greenhouse gas emissions. Everyone can do their part by choosing plant base products to reduce the carbon footprint.
Doing It Together For The Better!

Reusable Packaging

Our brand commitment to sustainability started nine years ago when we first launch our unique Natural Fragrance Serum in a small burlap bag instead of paper or cardboard and customers loved it! We’re committed to grow our Atar Gold line of eco-fashion bags that are not only stylish and reusable they make a sustainable approach to shopping, the gym and travel verses paper or leather bags. We offer them FREE as a gift with purchase with our product collections, so WE GO WHERE YOU GO!

Climate Cart

Climate Cart is an integrated e-commerce platform used in our store. We proudly make a positive change toward a better tomorrow by matching dollar per dollar proceeds from all purchases at checkout toward fighting climate change.

Carbon Neutral Orders

Climate Cart enables our customers to choose to offset the carbon footprint from their order with $1.00 added at checkout, going toward a greener world tomorrow

We can change the world together

by improving the conversion and retention of the challenges facing climate change. For all us doing our part together, we will match $1 to $1 on every order for a cause we all care about

Reduce the carbon footprint of your purchase